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A small company owned and operated by a BCBA dedicated to providing quality, ethical applied behavior analysis services for the treatment of autism.

In 2017, Nina Carraghan and Penny Torcivia decided to combine their areas of expertise to form an organization suited to the unique, and varying needs of children on the spectrum. Combined, the two had over 50 years of experience caring for and treating children with autism and other special needs. They utilized this vast experience and their shared passion for supporting children with autism, to create a comprehensive professional team dedicated to their clients and their families. In 2019, Penny took over sole ownership; however, Nina remains an important part of the organization. Penny continues to believe in the hands-on approach that she and Nina founded the company on. She meets with every client and family at the onset of treatment, and regularly checks on the progress of clients. The ABA Child Developmental Center team shares a passion for guiding children with autism to reach their full potential, and believes in a collaborative approach to treatment. Often, staff share cases in order to bring more than one perspective when developing and implementing a child's program.  ABA Child Developmental Center partners with parents, school personnel, caretakers, guardians, and therapists to create an autism treatment program that is uniquely tailored to the individual child.